Friday, November 8, 2013

The 2nd Friday Of November Getting Warmed Up In A Texas Hot Tub

No. What you are looking at on the left is not one of the water features in the newly opened, oddly named, Sundance Square Plaza.

What you are looking at is a noonish look at the water feature known as a hot tub, to which I quickly escape when the water in the pool is too cool.

Which it was this morning. Too cool.

I did my regular morning run into the pool, swam to the end, and quickly decided I needed to make a hasty retreat to the hot tub.

I don't know why I had such a chilly reaction to the cool pool this morning. The temperature average the last 24 hours has been above 50 degrees, thus meeting my usual  temperature criteria for finding the pool doable.

I think the problem I am having with the water temperature, compared to the same time last year, is that I have lost some of my insulating layer of adipose tissue. Basically I am skin, muscle and bones, without much fat to provide insulation from the cold.

The next few days the temperature average is scheduled to increase. I will likely continue my morning cool dips, likely ending up in the hot tub. A morning dip in the hot tub is not as enjoyable as a swimming dip in the pool, but, it's better than no dip at all....

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