Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday In Texas Braving The Dangers Of A Low Water Crossing & Elsie Hotpepper

I've been having trouble this particular Monday recovering from my latest lost weekend.

My energy level was at a very very low ebb. And then Elsie Hotpepper tasked me with some very difficult tasks that wore down what little energy reserves I had in reserve.

So, around noon I did what I do when I need to rejuvenate. I took off for the outer world, leaving air-conditioned comfort behind.

Today I felt like walking a trail shaded by big oak trees. The closest destination to meet that need is Village Creek Natural Historic Area, about 3 miles distant from my abode.

It is not being very HOT today. It is only 101.4, currently, at a little past 4. It was only 95.7 when I left my chilled zone today. Fall arrives on September 23. You can almost feel the chilling winds of Fall already blowing along with all the falling leaves, suffering from the lack of water.

The sign you see in the picture above struck me as semi-amusing today. Warning of the DANGER of a LOW WATER CROSSING. It is more like a NO WATER CROSSING. The sign always warns that the crossing can be SLIPPERY WHEN WET. Like that ever happens in these parched parts of the planet.

I have mastered the art of taking a picture using the Village Creek Trail funhouse mirror. It is very nice of the Arlington Parks People to put this mirror at this particular random location on the trail for this particular purpose.

The sun is currently being slightly blocked from hitting my primary viewing portal on the world by some big clouds.

Looking at the current prediction from the Weather Underground they are saying there is 0% chance of precipitation. However, earlier today, I heard, on the radio, that a Thunderstorm was a possibility on the menu for today.

I am currently drinking green tea, made in a sun tea pot that spent a day sitting in the sun on the patio. Drinking green tea is just one of many really healthy things I am doing to try and re-gain my former healthiness. How many fruity soy-based smoothies can a person drink before they crack from all that goodness? I guess I'll find out.

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Steve A said...

"fruity soy-based smoothies"

That is SO Puget Sound! I'll take brisket.