Friday, July 22, 2011

The Lawn Whisperer Says Don't Waste Water Flooding The Tandy Hills With Guerrilla Art

When I hit the Tandy Hills today, around noon, the temperature was 92.7. With a semi-strong wind blowing. Which had a nice semi-cooling effect.

Today I took the north junction option on the trail down Mount Tandy. This route takes me over Tandy Falls.

I was quite surprised today, in the midst of the Great North Texas Drought, to see more water roaring over Tandy Falls than I've ever seen before.

By the time I made it to where the Tandy Highway crosses the Tandy River the flood had somewhat subsided. I could see, by where the high water mark had been, that I would likely not have been able to make the crossing at that point in time when the flood was at its most perilous.

There have been full page ads in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram from the Lawn Whisperer, of late, advising locals not to over water their lawns. That same so-called "newspaper," this morning, had an article about the epidemic of broken water mains wasting water all over Fort Worth, at a leaking level greater than other Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex city's leak levels.

The Star-Telegram article indicated that the culprit behind the broken water pipe epidemic is the day after day HEAT wreaking havoc with the ground. No mention was made of the possibility that the epidemic of seismic testing might be a contributor to the broken pipe epidemic by also wreaking havoc with the ground.

Speaking of seismic testing. The seismic testing cables and equipment have now been removed from Mount Tandy. In their place a new piece of Tandy Hills Guerrilla Art has been installed.

I think I will call this work of Guerrilla Art "Tandy Tower."

If you look closely at the picture of "Tandy Tower" you can see part of the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth, peaking out above "Tandy Tower."

I wonder how many gallons of water were wasted today falling over Tandy Falls? It was a very high volume of water.

I wonder what the Lawn Whisperer would say about such waste? 

I wonder if all the water wasted on all the lawns in Fort Worth, during the entire lawn watering season, add up to what was lost over Tandy Falls today?

Very perplexing.


Alienengineer said...

Negatory on the seeismic testing-as-a-culprit. Vibration levels are way too low.
But it's a nice scapegoat, if you're inclined that way.

Don Young said...