Sunday, July 24, 2011

Chesapeake Energy Wants To Poke Another Hole In My Neighborhood

For several weeks I've been wondering what was going on on the old, long abandoned Super Wal-Mart parking lot I drive by almost every day.

It looked like a construction site was being prepared.

I was hoping for a Sprouts Farmers Market or an ALDI.

Yesterday I drove by the "construction" site and learned what is actually going on.

Chesapeake Energy wants to poke a hole in the ground in this location, making a lot of noise and generating a lot of dust. As you can see, in the background of the picture of the Chesapeake public hearing notification sign, this proposed drilling site is adjacent to an apartment complex.

Walking behind the Chesapeake Energy sign you can see that the proposed drilling location is across the street from some retail businesses. Like Albertsons and the Chinese Super Bowl Buffet.

Chesapeake Energy has not begun the drilling process and yet it is already trashing up the neighborhood. The chain link fence around the proposed drilling site juts out onto the sidewalk, creating walking hazards.

The chain link fence acts as a net, catching litter, stopping it from blowing into oblivion. Or the Trinity River.

I was told by the person who runs the affected apartment complex that one of its residents is collecting signatures on a petition asking that the permit be denied. I told the person who runs the affected apartment complex that I did not think anything could stop Chesapeake Energy from poking a hole anywhere it wanted to poke in Fort Worth.

Because that is just not the Fort Worth Way.

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jrobinson said...

"Poke a hole"?

Maybe... drilling for gas to make your life easier by providing cheaper energy?

What you really wanted was a Sprouts or ALDI... which you would find useful. But a source of energy - which is important to both those things as well as everything else that supports your life - is a "no go"?