Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Amy Winehouse & The Disturbing Random Thoughts Of A Disturbing Texas Blogger

That is Amy Winehouse in the picture. Amy Winehouse has been in the news lately due to becoming the latest member of what is known as "The 27 Club."

Amy Winehouse has been a hot mess for quite some time. Drug problems and re-hab.

The only Amy Winehouse song of which I was aware was called "Rehab."

I had had no intention of mentioning Amy Winehouse in the blogging mode.

And then this morning I was reading a blogging about Amy Winehouse's tragic demise and was sort of appalled at what I was reading.

I won't be specific as to who the blogger is, due to not wanting to embarrass him. Suffice to say the blogger is a West Texas boy, prone to odd random ramblings. There have been incidents in the past where this particular blogger blogs after consuming adult beverages, with embarrassing results. This may have been what caused this particular blogging's disturbingness.

I'll copy and paste a few paragraphs of the disturbing verbiage....

Interestingly, she died at the age of 27 which puts her in an increasingly non-unique category of musicians.  They've even got a name, "The 27 Club".  The famous members of the club are, of course, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain.

I'm not much on disparaging dead people.  Of the four artists listed above, Kurt was the only one I didn't care for.  So today, on the Russ Martin Show, when a caller called in adamantly complaining that people were going to put Amy Winehouse on a level with Kurt, it irritated me to the point that I felt the need to blog.

His complaint was the that her music sucked, she only had two albums out and she had no influence.  Not like Kurt who seemed to have some sort of godlike status in this deranged moronic stupid ass listeners brainless opinion.

First, he needs to somehow develop an IQ.  Then, he needs to learn to read.  Then, he needs to learn the difference between fact and opinion.

Of course, the most disheartening part was that Russ let him on the air and didn't degrade him.  He is normally very good at degrading morons.  I was mostly disappointed that Russ agreed with the stupidity.  It was very disappointing.

Where do I start? First off, you really should not be making disparaging remarks about a "listeners brainless opinion" when you are too dumb to insert an apostrophe between the "r" and "s" of "listeners."

So, this blogger is listening to a radio talk show and gets irritated because someone calls in to opine that he felt Amy Winehouse did not belong in the sainted "27 Club."

And then the blogger is further upset because the show's host, some guy named Russ Martin, agrees with the caller.

Due to the caller having a different opinion than the blogger the blogger feels the caller needs to develop an IQ. And learn to read. And learn the difference between fact and opinion.

Well, first off, one does not develop ones IQ. What made the blogger think the caller could not read? And that the caller did not know the difference between fact and opinion?

It seems to me the blogger does not know the difference between fact and opinion and maybe should avail himself of some of that IQ development he seems to think exists.

It sounds to me as if the caller was verbalizing his opinion about something he felt passionate about. That happens a lot on radio talk shows.

This particular blogger seems to frequently focus on what he perceives to be stupid. In his two bloggings today he used the word "stupid" an awful lot of times.

And what does it mean to be "not much on disparaging dead people?" Is this some sort of sterling character trait? I've never known anyone who did any disparaging of dead people.

Anyway, like I said, I don't know if this particular blogging was caused by too many adult libations, low blood sugar, a deluded self-view as the smartest man on the planet or just a deranged moronic stupid ass brainless opinion.


Gar said...

Once again, your reading comprehension is amazing. Truly stellar.

Durango said...

Thanks. My interpretive skills are also stellar.