Monday, February 21, 2011

The Shocking Discovery That The Tandy Hills Bamboo Teepee Has Been Grounded

I was shocked today to find that the mysterious Tandy Hills Bamboo Teepee has been knocked to the ground.

Knocked to the grounds by human hands? Or Mother Nature?

I did as good a forensic exam of the collapsed Teepee zone as my CSI skill level allowed and could find no evidence that gave any indication as to how or why the Tandy Teepee met its demise.

The Tandy Teepee was in a rather protected zone, near the bottom of a hill, lots of trees on all sides to help buffer it from the wind.

I suspect maybe the Tandy Hills Bottle Policeman, Stenotrophomonas, may have had a hand in the Bamboo Teepee's destruction.

In addition to the mystery of its demise, the mystery of the arrival of the Bamboo Teepee remains. Who went to the bother of hauling about 20 long sticks of bamboo, with leaves still attached, to this isolated location in the heart of the Tandy Hills? And why would anyone do this?

The temperature has dropped since I had myself a real good swim this morning. A cold wind blowing in from the north has replaced the warm wind that was blowing in from the south. It was 65 when I went swimming this morning shortly after 7. It is 59 this afternoon, at 3:15.

No threat yet that we are heading back to that nasty sub-freezing stuff.

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Stenotrophomonas said...

Nope. Never saw it. I haven't even been to the Hills in a week due to work and some weird stirrings in the lungs. I was wondering exactly where it was, but it's not the kind of thing I would have removed.