Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hiking The Tandy Hills Natural Sanatorium Before It Rains While Thinking About Bank Robbers

In the picture you are standing on a Tandy Hill looking west towards the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth under a stormy sky.

I hit the hills earlier than the norm today. I had need of the Tandy Hills Natural Sanatorium. And wanted to make sure I took the cure before rain fell.

I believe Severe Thunderstorms are scheduled for later today. So far the main weather action has been wind. And it's 74 degrees out there, so my windows are open.

I'm being aggravated at myself for not doing any Googling for info about First Convenience Bank before I got an account there because I thought it would be so convenient with its Wal-Mart location. Til I solve the problem of the missing Google Direct Deposit I am going to be in aggravated mode.

MLK, former Fort Worther, currently exiled in Tacoma, pointed me to the Fort Worth Community Credit Union. A branch is near my abode. So, I think I will be getting out of this First Inconvenience Bank and going to FWCCU instead.

Who do you call when a bank behaves badly in Texas? Anyone know?


MLK said...

I think you have to file a complaint with the Texas Attorney General, they probably have an office of consumer protection, etc.

I can't say enough good things about Fort Worth Community Credit Union. They have been very good to me, always there when I needed a loan, etc. Their Visa has a very low interest rate, etc. I will never give up my account there. I guess it makes me feel a little independent now that I am married. Besides, I may divorce husband and move back to FTW, you never know. I have one job app out there that pays moving expenses. I'm not holding my breath for it, but if offered I'll take it. Husband can come along or stay here. Oh well TMI for you probably.

Mike Wegner said...

Brick and mortar banks are so 20th century, I don't know why people still use them. :-) I've used USAA bank since the 80s, for example, and have never seen the building. There's several very good online banks: Ally, USAA, Schwab, Fidelity (mysmartcash), and others. I've never paid a ATM fee, ever, anywhere.