Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Latest Texas Winter Storm Has Arrived With Painful Bullets Of Ice

In the picture you are looking at the icy winter storm view from Miss Puerto Rico's a few minutes before noon.

At that point in time frozen water particulates, small in size, was blowing down from above, like frozen fog, with a slight coat of white coloring the rooftops.

About 15 minutes after this picture was taken I left Miss Puerto Rico's to head east to Albertsons to find that the frozen fog had morphed into vicious high speed pellets off ice that hurt like getting plugged by a BB gun.

Leaving Albertsons I found that the frozen high speed BBs had greatly increased in number and in the viciousness of their attack.

I don't know why I left my abode un-attired in any sort of hoodie type device, wearing only a baseball cap, leaving my neck exposed to incoming frozen bullets.

An hour later the frozen fallout has greatly abated, leaving the ground covered in white. I suspect extreme slipperiness will soon arrive, what with the ground having been recently warmed by 80 degree air, it can hold out for a short while against the freeze, melting some of the incoming ice.

But, when the freeze takes the upper hand all that is wet will become frozen and slippery.

I  doubt I will leave my abode again until relief arrives...

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