Friday, March 7, 2014

This Morning I Heard From A Techsas Woman About Mount Vernon & Washington & Me Stinging

This morning's incoming email in my email inbox included an interesting comment coming from my Washington blog.

The interesting comment on my Washington blog came from a Texas woman calling herself Techsas Woman.

I was a little surprised that Techsas Woman said that she finds some of my remarks towards Texas and Texans to be awfully stinging.

Awfully stinging? Me?

Anyway, below is the comment from Techsas Woman...

Techsas Woman has left a new comment on your post "The Skagit Valley's Big Rock With Spencer Jack's Grandma Cindy & The Nookachamp Star Child Falling From The Sky":

I was so happy to find your blog, as I have a Texas / Mt. Vernon connection, too, though from the other side. My Texan daughter moved to Mt. Vernon three years ago. My husband and I made our first visit two years ago and found the beauty to be astonishing - the San Juan Islands, Deception Pass, Snoqualmie Falls ...breathtaking! (The second thing we found astonishing was the number of ex-patriot Texans we ran into up there.) While I find some of your remarks towards Texas and Texans to be awfully stinging, I'm so pleased to find great travel commentary for the area. We're heading back in late June with hopes to head up towards Mt. Baker and also make a trip to Vancouver.

In addition to Mount Baker and one of the Vancouvers of the North, methinks Techsas Woman should maybe consider adding visits to Mount Rainier National Park, Olympic National Park and the Washington Coast, plus Mount St. Helens to her June itinerary. Because those locations are very scenic....

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