Monday, March 3, 2014

Checking On Tasha The Terrorist Cat While Visiting The Tacoma Connie D Before Plugging The Lost & Found Thriftique

Those are the beady glowing eyes of Tasha the Terrorist Cat glaring at you in the picture.

I layered on multi-layers, including two hoodies, to venture into the outer world to attend to my cat sitting duty around noon.

Earlier, as in early this morning, I ventured out into the outer world without multi-layers and hoodies to go have myself a much needed hot tub hydrotherapy session.

Getting to the hot tub was a tad adventurous, but well worth the icy risk, once I found myself immersed in heat with the temperature of the water being 95, while the temperature of the air was 14, with the wind blowing at sufficient speed to make that air really feel like it was about 11 degrees below zero.

At the present moment the time is well past noon, in the mid-afternoon time of the day, with the wind finally having ceased its howling routine.

Yesterday's incoming ice and extreme cold somehow managed to freeze the sliding door to my patio shut solid. That has never happened before. By the time I got back from checking in on Tasha the Terrorist Cat the sliding door to my patio was back sliding.

While I was with the aforementioned cat my phone lit up due to an incoming call from the Tacoma Connie D.

I like how with my new phone I can add a photo of a person on the contact list. And then when that person calls that photo fills up the screen.

That is the Tacoma Connie D phone photo you are looking at here.

Connie D, along with another Tacoma beauty, named Andrea, operate a store called Lost & Found Thriftique in Tacoma's Stadium District, which is the north end of downtown Tacoma. I don't know if Connie D's store is so named due to its close proximity to the Stadium District Thriftway.

If you are visiting Tacoma and you want to shop in Connie D's store it is located at 118 Tacoma Avenue North. You can find more store info, including photos of that which you can buy, on the Lost & Found Thriftique Facebook page.

Connie D today asked me to do a blog plug of her store, again. I don't remember doing such a plug before, likely an age-related memory issue. Give it six months and I will likely forget about today's blog's store plug.

I am planning on being in Tacoma, soon, and will be spending some time in Connie D's store. Connie D has already agreed to let me do so. And I will be allowed to talk to the customers.

I can not remember the last time I had myself a really fine time pretending to be a proprietor of a Tacoma store....

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