Monday, March 10, 2014

A Beautiful Spring Break Day On The Tandy Hills With Random Acts Of Vandalism

Today on the Tandy Hills I found the remains of a fallen Hoodoo.

I do not know if the Hoodoo fell from vandalism or from an act of Mother Nature. I suspect the latter is the cause.

The wind has been blowing hard since my last visit to the Tandy Hills, over a week ago, wind blowing so hard I imagine any existing Hoodoo was quickly toppled.

On the route of my high speed hill hiking today I did come upon another formerly vertical Tandy Hills installation which was now horizontal and rather obviously the act of a random act of vandalistic violence.

I refer to what which you see below.

A sign, formerly stuck in the ground, advising people to not molest the Tandy Hills wildlife, has been yanked out of the ground and laid to rest.

I'm thinking new signage is needed advising people that it is against the law to molest the do not molest the wildlife signs.

Other than the random acts of vandalism, what a beautiful day on the Tandy Hills. I was not alone enjoying the hills today. I ran into two guys with three dogs. Another group of three guys who looked as if they were trying out to to play Jesus in a movie, with one dog. Plus a family group of several kids, parental units and a pair of big dogs.

Spring is in the air, along with Spring Break, which I think must explain why I've been seeing so many kids out loose, when usually they are incarcerated in school.

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