Friday, March 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Spencer Jack!

That is my great nephew, Spencer Jack, looking at you in the photo. Behind Spencer Jack is the Skagit River, currently running high due to a lot of rain falling on Western Washington.

The bridge you see crossing the river is not the bridge over the Skagit that was in the news last year due to a collapsed span.

The Skagit River bridge behind Spencer Jack crosses the river from downtown Mount Vernon to West Mount Vernon.

Spencer Jack and his dad were at this location to check out the current state of Mount Vernon's Skagit River Vision. More on that later.

Spencer Jack's dad, Jason, emailed me the photo you see here, along with others, this morning.

The part of the message in the email which pertained to Spencer Jack is.....

This morning marks Spencer Jack's golden birthday. 
Hope you enjoy the photos.

And if you're in the area, Spencer's formal 7th Birthday Party is tomorrow at 11 a.m. Call if you need more details....

Well, that is plenty of notice so I see no reason why I would not be able to make it to Spencer Jack's Birthday Party tomorrow.

The last time I saw Spencer Jack, in March of 2012, he was 5. The first time I met Spencer Jack he was 2.

I think I can remember going to Spencer Jack's dad's 7th Birthday Party.

For Spencer Jack's dad and his Uncle Joey's Birthday Parties I was known to go to extreme measures to make the present opening part of the festivity a long drawn out affair, often ending in a massive mess designed to consternate Jason's and Joey's mom and dad.

I remember one year where me and my helpers filled multiple balloons with glitter, with a clue in each of the balloons. First a big package had to be unwrapped to reveal the balloons. Then the balloons had to be popped. Then the clues figured out. If I remember right, the balloon popping year the clues told the birthday boy to look in the trunk of my car, where another wrapped present was found and brought back in to the house to the loud groans of the grown-ups and squeals of happy from the non-grown-ups.

When Spencer Jack  was about one, his Uncle Joey called me and during the course of that call Joey told me he would need to consult with me for advice on how to make memorable birthday present openings for Spencer Jack. However, there has never been a follow-up consultation on this important matter.

What is meant by "Golden Birthday"? I have not heard that term before.

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Anonymous said...

A golden birthday occurs when when you turn the same age as your birthday.