Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Walking Around Fosdick Lake Wondering If We Will Ever See Spring

In the picture you are looking at a flock of Fosducks in the foreground, floating on Fosdick Lake in Oakland Lake Park in Fort Worth, Texas.

That tall thing in the background is the Fort Worth Space Needle, also known as Tandy Tower, sitting atop the summit of Mount Tandy,  also in Fort Worth, Texas.

I had myself a brisk slightly below freezing hot tub hydrotherapy session this morning.

To be clear, it was the air which was below freezing, not the hot tub.

In the noon time frame the outer world had heated above freezing to an extent which allowed for a pleasant walk around Fosdick Lake without the need for excessive layers of outerwear.

I am hoping this latest bout of icy air from the Arctic is the last bout for this current winter.

By the end of March usually the outer world starts getting pleasantly warm, along with wildflowers coloring up that which is usually a bit bland.

Has this demented schizophrenic manic-depressive bi-polar weather messed up the coming spring? Will there be any wildflowers this year?

How many times can a tree be tricked into spouting buds only to have them frozen before the tree just gives up and waits til next year to turn green again?

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Anonymous said...

You say you're not from Texas
Man as if I couldn't tell
You think you pull your boots on right
And wear your hat so well

So pardon me my laughter
'Cause I sure do understand
Even Moses got excited
When he saw the promised land

-Lyle Lovett and Willis Alan Ramsey