Saturday, March 1, 2014

Viewing The New Tandy Hills Hoodoo Before Finding Prickly Pear Syrup & Jalapeno Bacon

The first Saturday of March and a new Hoodoo has risen on the Tandy Hills.

This latest resurrection of the Tandy Hills Hoodoo is the most complicated, delicately balanced Hoodoo I have seen yet.

I suspect this latest Hoodoo will not survive tomorrow's predicted incoming freezing thunderstorm.

The air was heated to just a degree or two below 80 when I did my hill hiking today. Hot enough to require hiking in sans shirt mode.

Absolutely perfect hiking conditions, weather-wise and trail-wise. And yet I saw only one other human today hiking the Tandy Hills.

And that only other human I saw today hiking the Tandy Hills, I brought with me.

If a semi-natural area like the Tandy Hills were located 4 miles west of downtown Seattle, well, it'd be underwater, but if Puget Sound did not exist those Seattle hills would be teeming with healthy humans enjoying the outer world being heated to summer-like temperatures on the first day of March.

It is bewildering to me why more locals do not avail themselves of experiencing the Tandy Hills on a day like today. Do a lot of locals think the Tandy Hills are unsafe for some unfathomable, to me, reason?

In addition to the resurrected Tandy Hills Hoodoo today I came upon a pair of rock constructions I'd not previously seen.

The above rock formation sort of looks like a meerkat is standing in the center of a circle of rocks. But, that is not a meerkat, it is a long skinny piece of rock stuck vertical in to the ground.

I have no idea what the work of rock art below is depicting. In person it looked like maybe it was supposed to be a face, with the two vertical sticks on the left and right sides being earrings. Maybe?

So many art installations on the Tandy Hills and so few people viewing the works of art.

Very perplexing.

Moving on it was on to Town Talk. Once again way too busy, with a parking lot run out of spaces and long lines at all the checkouts. Methinks Town Talk may be needing to expand. I know of a large empty former Kroger that would make a very convenient Town Talk location.

For me.

I found some interesting stuff today at Town Talk. Prickly pear syrup was one interesting item. Will this be good on waffles? I found a big, 6.5 pound can of Pacific Northwest purple plums, all natural, no sugar, canned in Salem, Oregon. Got a big block of something called Dubliner cheese, imported from a place called Ireland, plus a whole, all-natural, chicken, spinach & herbs tortilla wraps and a couple packages of minimally processed, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives uncured smoked jalapeno bacon made from pork raised without antibiotics or growth hormones.

Jalapeno bacon? By tomorrow morning l'll likely know if jalapeno bacon is a good thing, or not....

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