Friday, March 14, 2014

Today I Found A Leaning Tower Of Pisa Hoodoo On The Tandy Hills

I am not certain if today's Tandy Hills Hoodoo is the same Hoodoo I saw on Wednesday. It seems as if the the Wednesday Hoodoo was skinnier, without that big block of rock in its midsection.

Today the Tandy Hills Hoodoo was slightly leaning, a Leaning Tower of Pisa Hoodoo.

I will not be back on the Tandy Hills tomorrow for my semi-regular Saturday Hill and Hoodoo inspection.

If Saturday's predicted rain and thunderstorms do not arrive I will be rolling my wheels on the Gateway Park mountain bike trails tomorrow, prior to my regularly scheduled Saturday Town Talk treasure hunting.

The temperature was perfect, in the low 60s, today for some high speed hill hiking. I saw only one other person indulging in endorphin acquisition today.

My hot tub is still out of commission. This morning I tried to get myself some hydrotherapy via the pool, but it was too cool for hydrotherapy of a duration long enough to have the hoped for salubrious effect.

I must cut this blogging short. I just got a text message telling me I need to check out something to do with the Texas Supreme Court.....

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Anonymous said...

Did you do that hoodoo that few do so well?