Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Walking With My Sister & Arlington's Village Creek Indian Ghosts Perusing A Book About Texas From My Favorite Aunt Arlene

Today my sister who currently resides in Arizona went walking and talking with me and the Indian ghosts who haunt Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historic Area.

I took no pictures of the Indian ghosts today, or anything else in the Natural Historic Area, due to the fact that taking a picture would have distracted me from talking to my sister.

Before Talking with my sister and walking with the Indian ghosts I found a parcel in my mailbox from my favorite Aunt Arlene.

I opened the parcel to find the book you see above, titled...

Nostalgic Images of the Lone Star State

My favorite Aunt Arlene has traveled around Texas. Inside the book post-it notes were added making note of places she'd been that are depicted in the book.

And then I found a big bookmark in the middle of the book which had a photo of some women washing laundry the old-fashioned way with tubs and wringers, with one of the women saying "Housework is evil! It must be stopped!

The rest of the bookmark my aunt used to write me a letter, part of which said, "I bought this book figuring I could send it to you when I was finished perusing it, seeing that you are the one and only Texan I know."


A Texan?

Apparently my aunt is unaware of the Texas state law regarding being a Texan, where to be a Texan one has to be born in Texas or live in Texas for four decades and then pass the Texas Citizen test and get sworn in as a citizen while reciting the Texas Pledge of Allegiance whilst holding ones hand over ones heart.

One the backside of the bookmark letter my aunt closed with words of wisdom....

"Keep Happy. Keep Cycling. Keep Curious. Keep Healthy."

Well, I did not go cycling today, figured I'd give the trails one more day to dry out. However I did go recycling today, which I  am sure my aunt would approve of....

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Steve A said...

I thought the rule was your grand pappy had to be born in Texas plus all the stuff you said.