Saturday, January 21, 2017

Wichita Falls January 21 Women's March

Yesterday I indicated today I was likely going to be participating in the Wichita Falls version of the Women's March phenomenon taking place all over America and the world today.

And so I did.

It takes about two minutes to get from my abode to the starting location for today's march, that being Sikes Lake.

I must have my clocks off by a few minutes because when Midwestern Boulevard and Sikes Lake came into view I could see the marching was already underway, with a lot people quickly parking and running to join.

It took what seemed like a mile for me to finally get to the front of the march to take the photo you see above of the "WOMENS MARCH OF THE FALLS" banner which lead the protest.

The above photo was taken near the start of the march. As you can see the weather was a bit inclement.  A little rain dripped, a few umbrellas were unfurled, thunder boomed in the distance. But, by the time the march reached Kemp Boulevard the sky had brightened and ceased with the dripping and booming.

I did not know what to expect prior to experiencing today's Wichita Falls Women's March. Just a few participants passively walking along? No protest signs?


At the start the number of marchers extended for a couple blocks and continued to grow  as we marched  along.  New marchers would park at businesses along the way and join in, or just stop and wave and cheer.

Yes, there was a political component to this march. I was not among those worried that Melania needs to be freed from her involuntary servitude. However, I do think Melania would be a folk hero for the ages if she escaped to freedom.

Wichita Falls knows how to hold a totally peaceful protest. We stopped for all street lights, causing temporary gaps in the marching line. During the traffic light stops the chanting seemed to grow louder,  particularly when vehicles drove by with their horns honking, passengers waving with thumbs up.

I would estimate about 25% of the marchers were not women. Such as the grizzled geezer you see above holding a Women's March on the Falls sign.

Above is another instance of the march stopping at an intersection with the crowd bunching up and getting  more demonstrative with their demonstrating.

On Kemp Boulevard, near where the marchers are marching above, we passed a car wash. Three men who worked at that car wash stood in front of their business and waved and hollered their support quite enthusiastically. I heard a lady say that that is where she would be taking her car to get washed from now on. I wish I had thought to take a picture of the three guys with their car wash name behind them. Suffice to say this car wash is near the Wendy's on Kemp.

Pink was a popular color today.

I was just a little distressed regarding the number of words I saw which were missing their much needed apostrophe. Often women or a woman missing that much needed apostrophe.

Looking back at the pictures I am thinking my estimation that about 25% of the protest marchers were male may be a bit off, well, maybe way off. Ten percent might be more accurate.

Like I said, there was a political component to the protest march. Obviously. Such as the above Hillary Clinton quote "Fear is always with Us, but We just don't have time for it. Not Now!"

There was a lot of horn honking support, which you can hear, along with chanting, in the YouTube video below. I shot this video on Kemp, near the aforementioned car wash staffed by good guys.

I only experienced two yahoo type moments during the march. One was a guy yelling out his window, shouting something like "you better not be protesting Trump". A women shouted back something like "this is not about Trump".  At another point a yahoo drove by with his arm out his window while his hand made a threatening gesture involving his middle finger.

Finally, the aforementioned YouTube video....


Liz Vernon said...

Thanks for sharing!!! I'm embarrassed about not putting the apostrophe on our big banner. We knew that we needed one, but got distracted and then forgot. We'll put it on the banner before we roll it up and save it for the next time.

Durango said...

You're welcome, Liz. It was a pleasure to share photos and video of the rather impressive Wichita Falls Women's March. I saw several posters missing their apostrophes. The only one of those which really popped out was one which included the phrase "Womans Place". Womans without the apostrophe just looked weird. Womens without an apostrophe somehow did not stand out so much. So, don't be embarrassed about that missing apostrophe.

Scott Bodenheimer said...

You're heroes to me. Thank you.

Scott Bodenheimer said...

You're heroes to me. Thank you.