Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Walk Around The Fort Worth Fast Food Ghetto I Call Home

The Fast Food Ghetto I Call Home
I've been a bit too busy of late, and so being sedate and staying near my home zone has more appeal than it usually does.


I did not feel like driving anywhere  today to get my regularly scheduled bout of aerobic stimulation with its resultant endorphin bliss.

I was already sort of blissed out due to yet one more early morning  pool bout.

So, today I decided to take a walk through the part of my neighborhood I call the Fast Food Ghetto.

My local FFG took a bit of a hit during the Great Recession. We lost the Super Bowl Buffet, Jim's Pizza and Church's Chicken.

The Super Bowl Buffet was my favorite Asian buffet. I mourned its loss.

In addition to some fast food joints we also lost Metro Liquor, which was located next to Albertsons. I did not mourn the loss of Metro Liquor.

My local Fast Food Ghetto zone is showing many signs of the recovery from the Great Recession. The former Church's Chicken is being turned into a Dickey's Barbecue Pit. I was standing in front of the incoming Dickey's when I took the picture above.

In that picture we are looking at the newly remodeled Wendy's and to Wendy's right, the newly opened Taco Casa.

Upon opening Taco Casa was instantly very popular. Taco Casa has dual drive-thru lanes. I'd not seen that before. I went inside Taco Casa to check out the menu. It appears everything on the menu has ground beef in it. And a lot of cheese. It must be good, there was a double line of vehicles outside and inside all tables were occupied.

The Wendy's remodel gave it a futuristic look. The interior is also futuristic, including an  imaginary fireplace. Last time I was at Fort Worth's booming West 7th restaurant mecca zone I was surprised to see the Wendy's there is still old style. It needs to be updated.

Also in the Fast Food Ghetto, next to the soon to open Dickey's, is Dan's Seafood. To the east of Wendy's we have our neighborhood KFC, which I noticed today is getting spruced up. East of KFC there is a Braum's.

One can get burgers, ice cream and groceries in Braums. I have never been in Braums.

Sadly, the recovery from the Great Recession has not seen a return of the Super Bowl Buffet. The building in which the Super Bowl Buffet was located has now been taken over by Italy Pasta & Pizza.

I can not remember the last time I enjoyed myself pigging out at a Chinese buffet. Where have all the Chinese buffets gone?

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