Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Late Hike On Fort Worth's Tandy Hills Thinking About My Move To Las Vegas Thanks To Betty Jo Bouvier

I was late on the Tandy Hills today, which you can sort of guess by looking at the picture, in which we are looking west as the sun starts to set on the stunning skyline of the downtown of the most Envied City in the Nation, Fort Worth, Texas.

I just got the rudest message from Betty Jo Bouvier, telling me I should move out of this lizard and snake infested location and relocate to Arizona.

How can Betty Jo not know that there are a lot of snakes in Arizona? And lizards?. And scorpions?

The desert location I would like to move to is Las Vegas. That'd be a nice central location. A few hours drive to visit my mom and dad and sister and nephews. And brother. In Arizona. A few hours drive to go to Disneyland. An easy drive north to Washington.

Along with all sorts of other places I like that I'd like to live close to.

Like the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park Bryce Canyon. In Vegas it's around 30 miles to Lake Mead, which is like a less cool, but still incredible, version of Lake Powell.

Yeah, I'm convinced. I must initiate a move to Las Vegas as soon as possible. It will be tough leaving the Most Envied City in the Nation. But I am convinced I can adjust.


Steve A said...

Las Vegas again. And it isn't even April 1 this time.

You know, there's also a Las Vegas in New Mexico.

Betty Jo Bouvier said...

How would I know about such critters in Arizona, I have never been there. I have only been out of Sedro-Woolley once, to Leavenworth. Please tell me you are serious about your Las Vegas move!!

Durango said...

Steve A, I've been to the New Mexico Las Vegas. Spent a night there and visited nearby Fort Union.

Betty Jo, I am always serious.