Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas From Texas

Looking out from the bars of my patio prison cell I can not quite tell for sure if the last Saturday of 2010, also known as Christmas is another cloudy Texas day, or not.

Cloudy or not, I'm sure I'll be having myself a very Merry Christmas, today.

My phone just made a noise and popped up with a text message.

I don't do that cell phone texting thing, as in I don't send text messages, but I have figured out how to read incoming ones.

This one was from the Queen of Wink. The message said "Merry Christmas."

Near as I can tell, despite Steve Doeung asking him to, Santa has not brought me a new bike. Perhaps Santa did not know where to put the new bike because I do not have a Christmas tree.

A year ago today I looked out my window to see a White Christmas. Right now, with the sun finally adding enough light, I can see that the only thing that appears semi-white is the sky with its covering of clouds.

I have no idea what lays ahead for me on this Christmas day, besides opening a box that arrived in the mail on Monday. And BBQing steak.

Merry Christmas to all and my one longtime blog reader.


hennifer smennifer said...

fellow tandy hills wanderer...happy holidays

Betty Jo Bouvier said...


Hope Santa DOES bring you a bright and shiny new bike. You need one as your last one didn't stick around for very long. Merry Christmas!! Betty