Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tarrant Regional Water Board Clown Comments

It is time to do some Early Voting. I must remember to do that today.

I live in the limited area that is allowed to vote for members of the Tarrant Regional Water Board.

Near as I can tell, most of the people, who's water is the responsibility of the Tarrant Regional Water Board, do not get to vote on its members.

Apparently the water district was formed decades ago, well before this area morphed into one humongous Metroplex.

It's as clear as clean water that I'll be voting for Adrian Murray and John Basham. I think the Tarrant Regional Water Board and the citizens it serves would be well served by having a couple of tough question asking adults on board on the Water Board.

And, on a related, yet totally different subject, I got the oddest comment this morning to a previous blogging about the current election.

In this comment a single mom verbalized a very dumb reason not to vote for "these clowns." When I read this comment it seemed hinky to me. As in, why would someone go to the bother to hunt down a blog posting about "these clowns," detailing what seems to be a very minor, supposed incident that supposedly left the single mom shaking?

When I read the comment what first crossed my mind was that the opposition, as in the current Water Board, has a Dirty Tricks Operation.

Or maybe there really is a single mom out there who is very easily overwrought over very little. I think what I found most disturbing was this single mom saying she has her doorknob in her nightgown. And it was shaking.

Anyway, below is the comment...

"I am a single mom, my son left for school today without locking the door. I was awakened with a shaking of my doorknob in my nightgown, the shaking was very loud. I was scared, but after a moment went to the door and opened it very fast to see a black man getting in a gold SUV, then I saw the rather large door advertisement for Adrian Murray and John Basham on my door knob. First of all I have a NO SOLICITATION sign on my glass door before my solid house door, however there is a handle on that door that could have been used to put the unwanted solicitation on. I am upset and angry that politicians feel they don't have to accept the no solicitation sign and can intrude and scare the crap out of people that live in their homes without care. I will not vote for these clowns period!!!"


Anonymous said...

OMG--not only was there a violent shaking of her "doorknob in my nightgown", BUT THERE WAS A "BLACK MAN" AROUND. The FBI should initiate an investigation and ask that she not vote or make any important decision until they have sorted out the crimes and conspiracies. BTW--congresswoman Granger isn't a "single mother", is she?

Durango said...

I'm fairly certain the single mother was not Ms. Granger. Because the last time I was in bed with the Congresswoman, she was not wearing a nightgown. As far as I know, she does not own a nightgown.

Anonymous said...

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