Thursday, April 22, 2010

Adrian Murray & John Basham for Tarrant Regional Water Board

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram's Editorial Board did some Tarrant Regional Water District Board Member Election Recommendationing yesterday.

Adrian Murray and John Basham are running, together, for positions on the Water Board.

Regarding Murray and Basham, the Star-Telegram says they are, "competent individuals who are eager to give back to their community. They have credible ideas and questions that deserve to be asked and answered. They should remain engaged with the water district regardless of the outcome of this election."

And then the Star-Telegram goes on to endorse incumbents, Jim Lane and Marty Leonard, because of their long and rich history of public service, who have demonstrated skills, commitment and vision needed to be excellent board members on this most important public body.


The Tarrant Regional Water District is responsible for providing water and flood control affecting around 1.7 million people in Fort Worth, Mansfield, Arlington and a large swath of Tarrant County.

The Water District was set up decades ago, well before this area morphed into a giant Metroplex. Consequently, only voters is 6 towns get to vote to elect the board. Those towns are Fort Worth, Azle, Edgecliff Village, Westworth Village, Westover Hills and most of River Oaks.

Please note that Mansfield and Arlington are not on the list of those who get to vote. Does it not seem like, well, common sense, that all areas affected by the Water Board be included in who gets to vote? Should not this antique setup be updated to this century?

Haltom City also does not get to vote. Haltom City has a deadly flooding problem. That flooding problem, caused by allowing development, without requiring flood control mitigators, does not seem to concern the Tarrant Regional Water District Board in any meaningful way.

The current Tarrant Regional Water District Board is onboard with the Trinity River Vision, that being Fort Worth's Billion Dollar Boondoggle that added an unneeded flood diversion channnel in order to, hopefully, snag some federal dollars.

All the yammering about the supposed good the current Water Board has done, things like a park on Eagle Mountain Lake, recreational trails, an Eagle Mountain pipeline, pales when compared to the good the Water Board has not done.

As in, making fixing the Deadly Flash Flood Problem priority #1.

The area where the Trinity River Vision's flood diversion channel would be doing its diverting has not flooded for over 50 years, thanks to flood prevention levees built by the same Army Corps of Engineers.

It is all perplexing to me.

The Durango Texas Editorial Board strongly recommends Adrian Murray and John Basham for the Tarrant Regional Water Board.


Anonymous said...

I am a single mom, my son left for school today without locking the door. I was awakened with a shaking of my doorknob in my nightgown, the shaking was very loud. I was scared, but after a moment went to the door and opened it very fast to see a black man getting in a gold SUV, then I saw the rather large door advertisement for Adrian Murray and John Basham on my door knob. First of all I have a NO SOLICITATION sign on my glass door before my solid house door, however there is a handle on that door that could have been used to put the unwanted solicitation on. I am upset and angry that politicians feel they don't have to accept the no solicitation sign and can intrude and scare the crap out of people that live in their homes without care. I will not vote for these clowns period!!!

Jerry Lobdill said...


Would you vote for Glen Beck if he were here and running? How about Rush Limbaugh? Murray is against eminent domain, but so are all Tea Party members.

Durango said...

Mr. Lodbill, I don't like Glen Beck, even though we come from the same little town in Washington, so, no, I would not vote for him.

As for Rush Limbaugh. I think he should be arrested, charged with sedition, sent to Guantanamo and water boarded til he realizes what a bad boy he is.

Murray is against the use of eminent domain as it is being practiced in Fort Worth to acquire property for the benefit of private business.

I don't know how you came to think all Tea Partiers are against eminent domain. I would be money some of them don't even know what eminent domain is.

Andrea K said...

I am voting for Adrian Murray and John Basham. I know these two honorable men and they will listen to the citizens of Tarrant County and protect the citizens property from being stolen for eminent domain. Too often the government just does what it wants without regard for the taxpayers. (for instance, outsourcing the contract to a company out of state) Adrian and John will respect the taxpayers' wishes. Vote for Adrian Murray and John Basham! And I don't believe that story from anonymous. That incident had nothing to do with Adrian and John.