Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sarah Palin & The Anonymous Confederacy Of Dunces

Way back on November 29, 2009, I blogged about Sarah Palin, the Confederacy of Dunces and the bizarre incident where the mayor of Fort Worth, Mike Moncrief, attempted to dye the Trinity River purple.

Yesterday I got several bizarrely dunce-like Anonymous comments to various bloggings, which were just a tad off. Well, actually, more than a tad.

This morning in the Dallas Morning News there was a letter to the editor about Sarah Palin which brought to mind the Confederacy of Dunces.

I'll copy the letter below, and below that, a YouTube video I've posted previously which shows a bunch of Anonymous dunces being dunce-like regarding Sarah Palin...

Why This Palin Mystique?

The Republicans must have taken leave of their collective minds to keep listening to this charlatan, Sarah Palin. A group that wouldn't let someone mow their lawn without a thorough background check has been duped by someone with fewer skins on the wall than the average mayor of a small U.S. city. Oh, wait! That's what she was five years ago.

Her public appearances are nothing but conservative rabble-rousing, have little substance, consist of right-wing talking point generality-speak (tax cuts, less government, blah, blah), and yet she holds sway over these people like some messiah.

If she weren't physically attractive, her 15 minutes would have been up long ago. She wouldn't even last 15 minutes in a political/foreign policy debate with a community college poly-sci teacher, much less President Barack Obama or former President Bill Clinton -- yet her handlers have her somehow blindly criticizing the president on every issue.

Going rogue? Oxford's dictionary defines rogue as an unprincipled, undisciplined, stray, irresponsible member of a group of otherwise acceptable specimens in a social setting. What a gorgeously ironic title for Palin's book -- no doubt totally lost on her, I'm sure.

Bret Davis, Forney


Anonymous said...

At least Ms. Palin chooses to identify herself and stand behind what she says, be it right or wrong.

Most unliike yourself, who seems to be afraid or ashamed to let your identity be known.

Of course, now you will dismiss my statement as I have chosen not to identify myself.

Identify who you are, and I will do likewise. Of course I know you won't as people like you like to hide in a cloud of anonymity so that your silly little ego trip can go on and on.

You really are a moron!

Calamity June said...

Where do you find them, Durango? These dunces like Anonymous, I mean? And he/she/it calls you a moron? This Anonymous moron is so moronic it can't figure out your identity? What is it? Two clicks to reading your name, phone number and address? That and how many people who read your blog have you met in person, thus know your identity?

Why do you publish comments from stupid people like this? I'll hazard to guess it's because you find it funny that someone as moronic as those in the Sarah Palin video is making a similar clueless comment.

Durango said...

CJ---You guessed correctly as to why I hit the publish button on Anonymous. She/he/it is too stupid to see the irony.

I also love how I'm anonymous, with how many pictures of me floating about and how many times saying where I'm gonna be at a particular time?

This particular Anonymous has been making pretty much the same comment over and over again for a few days. I think I have hit the publish button on only one.

Do you have any desire to know the identity of this Anonymous? Me neither. You can just tell he/she/it is a creepy troll. There will likely be another Anonymous comment to this comment, telling me again what a moron I am. I likely won't hit the publish button on that one. Unless I find it amusing.

Anonymous said...

Durango, you shouldn't indulge trolls like that Anonymous creep. They are a plague on civil discussion everywhere and acknowledging them only gives them attention they are craving. You probably already knew that, because I do see what you mean by the irony of this Anonymous person commenting as stupidly as all those stupid Palin lovers. I'm commenting as Anonymous. But I'm not the stupid Anonymous.

Drifter said...

Why the phony picture? Sarah wouldn't be caught with a BB gun...