Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Confederacy Of Fort Worth Dunces Keeps Seeing Imaginary Purple Rivers

This morning a couple things brought the phrase "Confederacy of Dunces" to mind. Great book, by the way.

The infallible sign of genius quote is one of Jonathon Swift's better known epigraphs.

The first thing this morning that brought a Confederacy of Dunces to mind was a comment made to yesterday's blogging about the Star-Telegram's confused description of the attempt to dye the Trinity River purple.

The commenter, the ubiquitous Anonymous, apparently drank the purple Kool-Aid and saw the magic water 19 hours after the Star-Telegram report said the water (that had been turned ever so slightly purple, through their reporter's, apparently, lavender-colored glasses) had returned to its usual muddy brown.

Below is what Anonymous had to say....

I was there on Saturday early around 7 am when they were pumping and it was purple I commend their effort and spirit!

The attempt to turn the Trinity River purple occurred at 10am Friday morning. Not Saturday. And there was no purple and no pumping.

Anonymous commends their imaginary effort and spirit???? I've seen some effort and spirit displays in my time on the planet. What I saw Friday morning was a pretty lame effort that resulted in rather subdued spirits.

Moving on to the other thing that brought a Confederacy of Dunces to mind this morning.

It is a YouTube video of Americans being interviewed while waiting to see Sarah Palin at one of her book signing events for her Going Rogue best seller, that apparently goes quite wildly rogue with a lot of erroneous bits of information.

We've all run in to people like you'll see in the video. People who say some ridiculous thing where you instantly realize they have not the slightest clue about what they are talking about. So, you ask a follow up question and they either get upset because once more they've been caught in the "stupid" trap. Or they get that deer in the headlights look and admit they don't know anything about what they'd just made a strident comment about.

I really think a test similar to the citizenship test given to new Americans should be passed before an American is given their license to vote. When you have a Confederacy of Dunces voting you end up with results like Fort Worth's Mayor Mike Moncrief, re-elected in a 70% landslide of 6% of Fort Worth's eligible voters.....


Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Thank you Durango, I needed my afternoon giggle...quite funny. Especially, "compromise is for people who are wrong", I'd not heard that bit of knowledge nugget ever before! Are you thinking, that these are the same 70 percenters of the the 6 percenters that voted Mayor Mikey in? Seems like they'd believe just about anything you'd tell them, just make sure they get force fed the information via FOX News and the Church.

Durango said...

The 'compromise is for people who are wrong was one of my favorites.'

I'm thinking they are the same sorts who made up the 70% of the 6%. Only those were Columbus, Ohio versions. Ignorance and stupidity knows no borders.