Monday, March 29, 2010

I Am Living On Sunset Boulevard In Texas Waiting For Norma Desmond To Shoot Me

I watched Sunset Boulevard a couple days ago. This was not the first time I've watched Sunset Boulevard. It's a good movie.

Gloria Swanson plays Norma Desmond. That's Norma moving in for her close up in the picture. By picture, I don't mean Motion Picture, I mean, photo.

There is a scene towards the end of Sunset Boulevard, shortly before Norma shoots and kills Joe, where Joe catches Norma calling Betty, a screenwriter with whom Joe was working on a screenplay.

Norma was calling Betty to let Betty know what a Bad Boy Joe was.

But, Norma's real motive was to try and preserve her hold on Joe.

For reasons unsettling to me, I found Norma's behavior disturbing in a way I did not find it on previous viewings of Sunset Boulevard.

It seems I am in the midst of my own twisted Southern Gothic Texas version of Sunset Boulevard, with a twisted Norma Desmond playing sadistic mindgames on a young, sweet, innocent Texas Betty.

When Norma shot Joe he ended up floating in Norma's pool. I'm almost certain I will not meet a similar end in the pool I swim in. But you never know. Norma's are difficult to predict.

It's always something. And, have I mentioned? I am Fed Up.

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twister said...

I remember a man saying once; it's dangerous to stay, it's dangerous to go. I don't even know now what he was talking about, but I always, in my mind, associate it with forming relationships. It can be good or bad, but to not venture out, itself presents its own perils. I think of Tom Hanks character in the movie Castaway. To leave the island meant a perilous attempt at escape. To stay meant insanity, then death. Launching out presents dangers, but with wise decision making, the end result may give you a more pleasant conclusion. Good luck, Sailor