Friday, December 4, 2009

Thinking About Sun Lakes While Freezing In Texas

No. That is not me enjoying a sunny day in Texas. It may be a sunny day today in my Fort Worth zone of Texas, but it is in the 30s.

That is me enjoying a warm August day in Eastern Washington at a place called Sun Lakes.

I probably frequented Sun Lakes more than any other location in Washington, in my post-teen years. When me and my siblings were kids Sun Lakes was also one of our favorite places to go.

As the sun set on Sun Lakes, after a hot day, a phenomenon called a Zephyr would occur. Incredible gusts of wind could wreak havoc.

My mom and dad now live in Sun Lake. Minus the 's.' Sun Lake, Arizona. Sun Lake does not sound right

The Queen of Wink reported in from her West Texas location that her school called a Snow Day, so it was home early for the Queen of Wink.

That is not Wink snow in the picture. That is Sun Lakes in winter. I went to college a few miles south of Sun Lakes in the town of Ellensburg. Some friends were visiting, for the weekend, so we decided to see what Sun Lakes looks like in winter, not expecting to find it frozen over.

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