Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Blizzard Of Blowing Snow Hits Fort Worth & North Texas

Yesterday was warm, almost 80. Overnight it got cold. This morning it started snowing. By the time I got out of here, at noon, it had turned pretty much into a blizzard out there.

The temperature has now fallen to 29. I just heard a long screeching skidding noise out there. The snow continues to fall fast, being blown horizontal by the wind.

Just looked out the window. The snow is starting to stick. This is going to pile up fast now unless the snow stops.

When I escaped here it was to go to the Post Office and Wal-Mart. I have never seen the Wal-Mart/Sam's Club parking lots so full. Inside the store it was a zoo. I don't believe I've ever seen it so busy.

The blowing blizzard added an almost surreal element to the throng of last minute Christmas Eve shoppers.

One thing I'm not understanding is I've still not had to turn on the heat in here. Has that icy water swimming done something dire to my internal thermostat?

Below is a YouTube video of part of my drive to Wal-Mart through the blizzard.


Anonymous said...

Hey was that Santa on your right walking toward that white bobcat-looking vehicle?

Galen said...

I'm loving it! It's definitely jolted me out of my "humbug" mood.

As for the crowds, I think you've been in Texas long enough to know how people rush to the grocery store at the first signs of winter weather to stock up on groceries, as if they're going to be snowed in for a week! Add that to last minute Christmas shopping and the knowledge that everything will be closed tomorrow, and it's a wonder you could find a parking place.

Durango said...

I did not notice a white bobcat vehicle. I was concentrating on holding the camera while driving.

The snow continues to pile up. Your Christmas mood should continue to improve. Will definitely be a White Christmas in north Texas tomorrow. Unless a warm front blows in over night from the Gulf.

lulu said...

I don't know how you people stand it there in the arctic south west. Burr.

Jovan Gonzales said...

Whoa, it snowed waaaay harder there than it did here and I'm a mere 115 miles away, lol. Well, okay. That's a lot. Oh well. I saw plenty of snow in CO. But seriously, the 75 degree weather followed (literally) by freezing temps and snow the next day is just another example of how ridiculous the weather in Texas can be. I wouldn't discount a warm front blowing through tomorrow ... it could happen, lol.

Durango said...

It is now Christmas morning. No warm front yet. 25 degrees and we're having a White Christmas.