Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fighting Mad Over Texas Gas Drillers

Don Young wants to have a lynching. Here's why....

To heck with Tea Parties. We need a "hanging party" (metaphorically speaking) for a few environmental criminals and the bought off politicos who do their bidding.

This is serious folks and it's spreading all over the USA.

Brett Shipp of WFAA-TV pulls back the veils on the latest chapter of criminal activity in Texas. Where's a cop or a governor when you need one??? Somebody get me a rope.


A North Texas Rancher named Robert Crowell claims Texas gas and oil regulators are turning a blind eye to toxic waste seeping into the Brazos River north of Abilene. The Brazos River is a source of drinking water for millions of Texans. In Stonewall County, where Crowell's ranch is located, the water is kept flowing by the huge Seymour Aquifer, which runs underneath Crowell's Ranch.

Crowell says petro waste is seeping into the aquifer. The waste comes from an abandoned gas processing plant, leeching lead, benzene, mercury, arsenic and PCBs into the ground and eventually the Brazos River.

Read Brett Shipp's WFAA-TV entire expose', with photo evidence and video.

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