Saturday, September 8, 2018

Wet Wichita Falls Circle Trail Bumbershoot Walk

I have lost track of how many days in a row now rain has been dripping. This is really starting to seem like being back in Western Washington.

And it is chilly. Only 72 degrees a few minutes before noon. 72 degrees is way colder than I have my air conditioning set at.

After returning from ALDI I found my bumbershoot so as to facilitate a semi-dry walk to the Circle Trail to see if Holliday Creek was in raging rapids mode.

It wasn't.

Despite what seems like copious rain Holliday Creek looks to be more in trickle mode than raging rapids mode. In the above photo documentation you can see just a glimpse of Holliday Creek under my bumbershoot, to the right of the Circle Trail.

What with the outer world looking so green one would never think we were in a state of drought about a week ago.

When I see the outer world looking so emerald it reminds me of years ago when Betty Jo Bouvier, after seeing photos I took of the Village Creek scenery in Arlington, asked me if it really is so green there, saying that she thought Texas was all desert brown, like much of Eastern Washington is.

The current forecast for tomorrow is a lesser chance of rain. Maybe I will be able to go on a dry bike ride...

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