Saturday, September 1, 2018

First Day Of September Bucolic Sikes Lake Meghan McCain Great America Musings

How did August disappear so quickly in a HOT blink? I grow weary of time seeming to fly by ever faster.

This first day of September I spent the morning watching the National Cathedral John McCain memorial service.

I had no idea, when I began watching, that the memorial would take up almost the entire morning.

Even though she is sort of a right winger, I have found myself liking Meghan McCain in the past. Watching Meghan's moving eulogy had me liking her even more.

Particularly when Meghan said, "The America of John McCain has no need to be great again because America was always great” to the eruption of loud applause for the first time during the memorial.

I hope the Orange Menace can restrain himself from doing any unseemly tweeting about all the subtle comments made today which were directed at our ongoing National Embarrassment. Unless someone explains it to him, he likely is too dense to figure out on his own what the words meant.

Sometime before noon I turned off the TV to take off on a bike ride, eventually arriving at Sikes Lake, where I stopped to take the bucolic photo you see above, looking at the Sikes Bayou, and a flock of geese, at the west side of Sikes Lake.

The reality that September is likely going to fly by just as fast as August has me concerned. Because I am not yet adjusted to the idea of doing so, but in early October I am currently committed to roadtripping to Arizona, where a house has been rented as my temporary abode for almost a month.

In addition to the regular characters I see when I am in Arizona, this time I will be seeing some new faces with which I used to be quite familiar, from Washington, the Skagit Valley of Washington to be precise.

I expect I will be finding it amusing, me being the tour guide guiding the Arizona site seeing....

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