Friday, August 31, 2018

Aunt Arlene On Oregon Coast Helping Make Orwell Fiction Again

I saw that which you see here on Facebook this morning via my favorite Scott cousin.

Cousin Scott currently resides in Elsie Hotpepper's favorite Oregon town, Cannon Beach.

Cousin Scott's mama, my dear Aunt Arlene, is currently, according to the aforementioned Facebook, visiting cousin Scott.

Aunt Arlene is my dad's big sister.

My dad was Aunt Arlene's big brother.

Via this Facebook post cousin Scott tells us his mom has never wanted to take a top-down drive along the Oregon coast, but she did agree to pose as if being the driver of cousin Scott's convertible.

Whilst wearing cousin Scott's recently acquired "Make Orwell Fiction Again" cap.

A Big Brother reference, but not one referring to Aunt Arlene's big brother.

I want a "Make Orwell Fiction Again" cap. I imagine such are popular on the west coast. And would totally befuddle many of those who might see such at my current location where the majority would have no clue who Orwell is, or was, or the meaning behind the message on the cap...

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