Monday, August 13, 2018

Wichita Falls Downpour Floods Moat Around My Location

After day after day of rain predicted, with few drops dripping, this morning, on this second Monday of August, multiple downpour episodes have resulted in a moat surrounding my location, as you can sort of see via the view from one of my living room windows, with my bike managing to stay dry, due to zero wind blowing rain sideways.

This August morning is reminding me of what a typical winter day is like in the Western Washington Puget Sound zone.

Day after day of a gray sky with water dripping, at times, all day long.

Day after day.

I had a horrific bout of insomnia last night. First time such has happened in a long time. No clue as to the cause, but I am exhausted, with this gloomy weather being a perfect fit for my mood.

If, or when, the rain stops, and the moat subsides, I may venture out to the Circle Trail to see if Holliday Creek is running a lot of water. The turtles, egrets and fish should be happy...

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