Saturday, August 18, 2018

Farmers Market Salsa Day With Original Wichita Falls Mosquitoes

At today's Downtown Wichita Falls Farmers Market it was Salsa Day.

No, not the dance or music version of Salsa.

Today was the dip a chip in it version of Salsa Day.

I arrived too late for the sample Salsa Dipping.

But, since I was in the neighborhood I thought a walk on the Circle Trail to the location of the original Wichita Falls might be salubrious and enjoyable on this mid-August Saturday.

I thought wrong.

By the time I reached the location of the Original Falls I was finding myself in a losing battle with mosquitoes. And thus I moved quickly with a lot of endorphin inducing aerobic arm movement swatting buzzing biters.

Above I stood still long enough to snap a photo of what I think is right were the original Wichita Falls fell. The Wichita River goes slightly into rapids mode at this location.

I have not yet made a count of how many mosquito bites I acquired today. I have a supply of itch abating lotion, should such be deemed needed.

In the meantime it is time for lunch.

With some fresh Wichita Falls Salsa on the menu...

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