Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Wichita Falls Rain Deluge Returns Sikes Lake To Full Pool

Today my handlebars took me back to Sikes Lake for the first time since the Monday deluge.

All that incoming water raised the Sikes Lake tide to overflowing, spilling over the Sikes Lake dam's spillway.

The ducks and geese were happy quacking and honking today, enjoying their freshly rain refreshed lake.

The green algae of recent weeks has been washed away, for now. Sikes Island is underwater, again, for now.

And this most recent, record breaking deluge did not cause a deluge of litter to make its way to Sikes Lake. The Wichita Falls zone of Texas is much more litter free than other zones of Texas with which I have been familiar in the past.

Such as the possible Litter Capital of America.

Fort Worth....

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Speaking of Fort Worth, you might find this amusing ( or nauseating):