Sunday, August 19, 2018

Great Things Headed My Way Thanks To Nurse Canecracker

Yesterday I had fun outrunning mosquitoes chasing me on the Circle Trail whilst walking beside the Wichita River to the location of Wichita Falls original waterfall.

That original "waterfall" was actually more of a short, three foot drop in the river, wiped out for all time by a flood, but not before it inspired a name for a mighty fine Texas town.

Today I avoided all mosquitoes by going on a bike ride, eventually stopping for a water break at my favorite neighborhood fountain. Located on the campus of Midwestern State University.

When I reached for my drink I looked down to the ground and saw something turquoise which looked to be out of place. That to which I refer is located in the above photo above the center of the handlebars, on the ground at the bend in the brick wall which surrounds the fountain.

A close up look at that turquoise item.

Now, this was just the sort of inspirational message I was needing today.

"Great things are headed Your Way".

I can't wait.

I am a little hazy on this, but aren't these type message rocks some sort of fad? Was I supposed to take the rock and place it somewhere else? Or do what I did, as in leave it where it lay?

Anyway, today's inspirational bike ride began in slow motion in ultra low gear motivating Rafael Edwardo Plodz to waddle all the way to Sikes Lake. I left Rafael behind at Sikes Lake to make my way further north, where eventually that turquoise rock was found.

I woke up feeling real good today. I think due to the medical advice of Nurse Canecracker who called me after she read about my recent bout of debilitating insomnia. Nurse Canecracker was on her way to Boston to hop the Amtrak Noreaster to Portland, Maine, but she took the time to advise me to try Melatonin.

I had tried this type sleep aid previously, years ago, to little salubrious effect. But last night, the Melatonin did wonders.

And now, apparently great things are headed my way...

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