Friday, August 31, 2018

Will Wichita Falls Show Fort Worth How To Build A Roundabout?

A day or two or three ago I asked Questions About Fort Worth's Homage To An Aluminum Trash Can.

Apparently a lot of people are asking the same questions, or thinking about those questions, or so it seems, what with there having been thousands of page views of that post about Fort Worth's embarrassing homage to an aluminum trash can.

Yesterday, my bike made a full recovery from its broken seat debacle, so it took me on a long ride, including rolling through my favorite area through which I roll, in this town, the area I refer to as the Wichita Falls Beverly Hills.

In the Wichita Falls Beverly Hills one comes to several of the road entities known as Roundabouts.

Fort Worth's homage to an aluminum trash can sits in the center of an uncompleted, unlandscaped, weed infested, littered roundabout, which has been spinning vehicles around for years now, with the surrounding road and bridge development stalled in incompetent construction debacle mode.

An incompetent construction debacle known as America's Biggest Boondoggle.

As you can see above, the Roundabout my bike's handlebars are aiming at is landscaped.

What a concept.

Wichita Falls does a lot of things a town wearing its big boy pants does, which Fort Worth, for the most part, does not do, or do well.

You know, little things like roads with sidewalks. And city parks with modern restrooms and running water, unlike the Fort Worth city park norm of outhouses, with no running water.

Maybe Fort Worth could send an investigate task force to Wichita Falls to learn how to build a functioning Roundabout.

But, a task force looking into how Wichita Falls manages to provide modern city park facilities would be too big a reach for Fort Worth, for now....

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