Friday, August 24, 2018

Where In The World Are David, Theo & Ruby?

That was the question I saw myself being asked this Friday morning when I checked email.

Where in the world are David, Theo & Ruby?

Well, it took me a moment or two to figure out the location of the trio.

Solving this mystery required zooming in on the building in the background, and then Googling some words I found on the building, such as "Davidson Building" and "Scott Rollins State Farm".

So, I now know the answer to that where in the world are David, Theo & Ruby question.


That is a town in Eastern Washington.

I suspect David, Theo & Ruby took their parental units to the location known in Washington as East of the Mountains, which is how those who live in Western Washington refer to the part of Washington on the east side of the Cascade Mountains, in order to escape the smoke filled air which has been choking the Puget Sound zone.

I lived in Ellensburg for a few years way back in the last century, whilst attending the school in Ellensburg now known as Central Washington State University.

I was last in Ellensburg in late August of 2001. I had driven solo from Texas back to Washington to attend my mom and dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary party. For the return to Texas I opted to take a different route than that which I had driven to get to Washington, with that route back to Texas being Interstate 90 across the Cascades, through Ellensburg and on to Montana where eventually I left I-90 to head south on I-25 to the Highway 87 connection to Highway 287 in Amarillo.

I wonder if I will ever be in Ellensburg again....

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