Saturday, August 11, 2018

Raindrops Falling On Day Full Of Inspirational Messaging

My mailbox was full of cards this week, well, maybe not totally full, but the two you see here I particularly like.

One from my sister, with what may be a new McDonald's burger, with black and green olives, in addition to all the regular condiments.

And a card from my mama, with my mom writing a note in the card, which takes mom a bit of effort, what with mom's eyesight not making for easy writing, or doing much of anything.

In the coincidence department, just as I was typing about mom writing a note on a card the phone made its incoming call noise. I looked at the phone and saw it was mom calling. Told mom I was able to easily read what she wrote, and that she could write a letter if she wanted to and the recipient would be easily able to read it. Mom did not seem to believe that this was true.

Anyway, off the phone and back to what I was saying...

After opening and reading what was inside all the incoming envelopes I decided to brave the possibly inclement weather to go on a sun-free cloudy bike ride.

I originally intended to ride the Circle Trail to Hamilton Park, then exit that trail to roll through the Wichita Falls version of Beverly Hills, eventually reaching Midwestern State University with a drink break at my favorite neighborhood fountain.

Well, incoming drips from the sky caused me to exit the Circle Trail prior to Hamilton Park to take the short cut to MSU and that aforementioned fountain, where I stopped for a drink and took the photo you see above.

See that plaque to the right of my handlebars? I'm sure you are curious what the message is on this plaque...


I guess that makes sense.

Soon after taking the above photo the drippage picked up in intensity, so I made a beeline back to my home base, with one roll around Sikes Lake, since the drippage had lessened by the time I reached that location.

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