Sunday, September 9, 2018

Chilly Winter-Like Sunday Bike Ride To Mount Wichita


This second September Sunday of 2018 has blown in cold at my North Texas location.

70 degrees, with the windchill making it feel to be in the frigid 60s.

Again. Brrrr.

I must go on a hunt for my sweatpants if this cold snap continues, or worsens.

Along with a lot of other hardy sorts I braved the cold to roll my wheels on the Circle Trail this morning. This time heading to Lake Wichita.

In the photo above my handlebars have stopped me atop Lake Wichita Dam to take a picture of the Mount Wichita pseudo volcano in the distance.

A few minutes later my handlebars and I were in the shadow of Mount Wichita, that is if the sun were available and making shadows.

The entire time I rolled the sky looked like it could start dropping drips at any moment, but nary a drip dropped the entire hour plus bike ride.

I am considering whether or not I want to take my bike with me to Arizona next month. Probably not.

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