Thursday, September 13, 2018

Living Your Best Wichita Falls Life At The 12.5 Mile Circle Trail Marker

If I remember right a time or two of late I have made mention of the fact that I've been in a foul mood of late.


I think this ennui may have something to do with the ongoing reality we in America are currently living in an Idiocracy.

Which is depressing.

I do not ever remember a previous time where day after day one seems bombarded with being faced with wanton stupidity.

I think maybe it's Facebook's fault, providing an outlet for the wantonly stupid to easily share their wanton stupidity.


Yesterday, heading north on the Circle Trail, I biked by a Wichita Falls city park lady installing a new sign. A marker marking the halfway point between mile 8 and mile 9, informing those rolling by they were at the 8.5 MILE mark.

Today I rolled south on the Circle Trail. At the point in the trail at the north end of Lake Wichita Dam I came upon the same city park lady working a post hole digger. I howdy-ed her as I rolled on by.

After circling the Circle Trail around Mount Wichita, when I came to the location where that post hole was being dug, the process was now completed, with the city park lady moved to the south end of the dam to do some post hole digging for the 11.5 Mile marker sign.

So, I stopped, got off the bike so as to photo document the new MILE 12.5 sign, and its inspirational message, as in....

"Living Your Best Life"

Above a photo of a snoozing baby.

And then...

"Regular activity helps you feel healthier - with more energy, an improved mood, feel more relaxed and sleep more soundly."

It seemed sort of weirdly ironic that I would come upon such messaging during the same time frame I have been whining about ennui and being in a foul mood.

And the fact that after riding my bike for a dozen miles, give or take a mile or two, I am in a much better mood.

Til such wears off...

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