Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Overnight Giant Mushrooms Invade Wichita Falls

I can not seem to shake my current state of ennui, of not seeming to muster the energy to care about much of anything.

I thought a bike ride and its resultant aerobic stimulation, and the endorphins which are produced by such, might have a salubrious effect on my dour mood.

A half hour into riding, at the location furthest from my abode, rain began dripping, which fit my mood perfectly.

Soon after beginning to roll on the Circle Trail I came upon giant mushrooms, one of which you see above, which sprang up overnight, literally, as in I saw no mushrooms yesterday whilst rolling on the same route.

And today it was not just one group of giant mushrooms. Giant mushrooms overnight had sprouted all along the Circle Trail and at Sikes Lake and the MSU campus and in my own front yard, which I had not rolled by when I left, but did upon my return.

How do these fungus grow so fast? Rain with a perfect temperature and ideal humidity must be the trigger.

Are these mushrooms edible? Do they have a medicinal effect like a psilocybin mushroom? Are they tasty like a portobello mushroom?

I suppose I could sample one.

Doing so would likely put me out of my misery one way or another....

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