Sunday, September 16, 2018

Wichita Falls Musical Pig Bike Encounter On MSU Campus

On this Ides of September Sunday I opted to get myself some much needed endorphins via the rolling my bike's wheels method.

Sunday is my favorite day to roll around Sikes Lake and then cross Midwestern Boulevard to the Midwestern State University campus to do some more rolling on the miles of paved trails, also known as sidewalks.

Today the MSU campus rolling had musical accompaniment in the form of loud rock music blasting from a source located somewhere on the soccer fields. I rather enjoyed the bike riding soundtrack, particularly Eye of the Tiger and Maroon 5's Sugar.

On Sunday there are few students on the MSU sidewalks, thus making for obstacle free biking.

That was the case today until I came upon the pig you see above, which caused my handlebars to come to an abrupt halt.

The type of horse known as a Mustang is the MSU mascot. I do not know if a Pig is the MSU sub-mascot. Or if there is such a thing as a sub-mascot.

What I do know is this pig is well behaved, letting me peacefully pass with no objections.

I came upon the MSU Pig on the north side of the Clark Student Center. I believe there is a student cafeteria feeding zone inside the Clark Student Center. I do not know if bacon is a popular menu item....

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