Friday, September 7, 2018

Nephew David Happy Birthday Card Delivery Ends In Moat

Last night my mom called and left a voice message. I did not see this until this morning. So, I called mom.

During the course of the mom call the fact that it is already 9/7 came up, and thus only four days til 9/11.

It being only four days til 9/11 was not made note of due to the fact that that date marks one of the more infamous American dates of infamy, but due to the fact that that 9/11 date is also the date of my favorite David nephew's birthday.

And so this morning I hurriedly went about making David a birthday card, not remembering at that point in time that I no longer had my long used Microsoft Publisher program available, what with that program not being on my new computer, and what with me having not yet figured out a replacement by which I can conjure clever cards and other publications.

So, I folded a piece of paper into a card and hand wrote a happy birthday message to David. I then drove to the post office to make sure the card was on its way to Tacoma this morning.

By the time I arrived at the post office, which is less than a mile from my abode, the clouds above had turned on a downpour, a flash flood making type downpour. I ran in and out of the post office, then drove back to my abode through a blinding rain.

By the time I was dry under the carport my abode was pretty much surrounded by a moat. The biggest moat I have yet seen surround my current abode during a downpour.

I exited the carport at high speed, running through the moat, eventually reaching the stairs which lead to my entry door. I was drenched and dripping.

A few minutes later I took the photo you see above. looking out a window at my bike and the moat below.

This is being way too much like a typical winter day in Western Washington. Reminding me of one of the reasons I like Texas.

In about a month I will be escaping rainy Texas to return to the dry Arizona desert. For about a month. A house has been rented about a mile from my mom's. One of my friend's from Washington, who I have known longer than just about anyone but relatives, as in we started school in first grade together, is flying down for a few days. That should be fun. Mom is looking forward to seeing Nurse Canecracker.

Mom knows Nurse Canecracker as Linda....

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