Friday, December 30, 2016

Looking For A Missing Golf Ball On My Way To The Texas Caribbean

Around noon of the Eve of New Year's Eve I opted to exit my abode to head north on the Circle Trail.

It had been a day or two since I had attended to my endorphin needs.

I was not long into today's breezy jog when I saw that which you see here, a scene I have seen previously.

A golfer at the bottom of the slope which leads from Weeks Golf Course to the sometimes raging waters of Holliday Creek.

Are these golfers hunting for a golf ball which has gone missing? Is this done because it is best to find the missing ball so as to continue ones golfing without suffering some sort of point penalty?

Or are golf balls so expensive that one is willing to risk falling into a creek in order to retrieve a valuable ball?

I suppose if I had bought that Golfing for Dummies book I might find the answers to these probing golf questions.

Anyway, I did not linger long enough to determine if the missing golf ball was successfully located.

I continued on my windblown way til I entered the Caribbean part of my neighborhood via Barbados, continuing on to Antigua and then back to Barbados til I left the Caribbean. I have yet to find Cuba during my Caribbean traipses. One would think the biggest island in the Caribbean would be included.

I saw on this morning's weather menu that we are currently scheduled to return to a deep freeze the first week of the new year. I hope that forecast changes. I am not a fan of the Texas version of a deep freeze. Particularly if ice is involved.

Currently no Ice Storm is on the local weather menu...

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