Sunday, December 4, 2016

Talking To Linda Spencer Jack's Grandpa Reports Santa Found Mom & Dad

Little Miss Linda called me this afternoon from my old home zone of Mount Vernon, Washington.

During the course of talking to Little Miss Linda my phone made its incoming text message noise.

Also during the course of talking to Little Miss Linda mention was made of my mom and dad.

When Little Miss Linda hung up on me I checked the text message to see that it was from Spencer Jack's grandpa, who also happens to be my little brother, Jake.

The text in the message said "Santa finds mom and dad".

That would be mom and dad, above, with Santa. I have no idea where Santa found my parental units. It looks like a semi-outdoor venue. It does not look like a McDonald's semi-outdoor venue. My mom and dad semi-regularly go to McDonald's on Sunday.

When Little Miss Linda and I first began conversing today Linda mentioned that snow was on the menu for the Puget Sound lowlands. Linda said you know how that goes, the prediction usually does not come true. And then whilst we were talking Linda suddenly says snow flakes are now falling.

It is fairly rare for the Puget Sound lowlands to get snow, particularly the Skagit Valley, which is known as a banana belt, stuck between two convergence zones which usually block snow which might fall copiously just a few miles north, in Whatcom County.

I read a couple days ago that all Washington's Cascade Mountain ski areas are already open. There has been a winter or two over the years when not enough snow falls to open the ski resorts.

I don't know when the Texas ski areas will be opening. Oh, that's right, there aren't any....

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