Saturday, December 3, 2016

Raspberry Jalapeno Jam & Santa At The Wichita Falls Arts & Crafts Show

No, what you are looking at is not the notorious Downtown Fort Worth Santa Claus whose bad behavior aggravated a lot of people of late.

What you are looking at is Santa Claus at the Wichita West Arts & Crafts Show in the JS Bridwell Agricultural Center in beautiful downtown Wichita Falls, where Santa does not refuse to see kids waiting to see him, unlike what is allowed to happen in Downtown Fort Worth

The Wichita Falls Santa was with the West Wichita Falls Firemen, hence the unusual Santa hat.

The Arts & Crafts Show runs from today, til tomorrow. I did not know what to expect. A small amount of people, such as I've seen at the downtown Wichita Falls Farmers Market. Or a lot of people like at the downtown Wichita Falls Farmers Market Watermelon Festival.

Well. As you can see below there were a lot of people perusing local Arts & Crafts.

I'm guessing food counts as a craft. One crafter had handcrafted jalepeno jam in various flavors. I tried the raspberry jalapeno. At first I thought it had no jalapeno kick, just a strong raspberry flavor. And then the kick hit. Good stuff. I bought a jar.

Another look below of the crowd of Arts & Crafts seekers.

One art crafter had signage informing that he was a Texas Veteran. All his crafting had a patriotic flavor to it.

In the center of the above photo of the Texas Veteran's products is a plaque which says "If you can read this thank a teacher. If you can read this in English thank you military".

I would hazard to guess this Texan Veteran likely voted for Trump. Then again one of his plaques says "You Can't Fix Stupid"......

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