Sunday, December 4, 2016

How Could Anyone Cotton To People Disrespecting Durango?

In the blog post title above I slightly altered an incoming email's subject line which in reality said...

I don't Cotton to People Disrespecting Durango.

The email was from fellow Washingtonian, Steve A, who has spent some time exiled in Texas, to the point that he had to vote in the last election via the archaic Texas absentee ballot method.

But, Steve A is blessed with spending much of his time in paradise at a place called Ocean Shores on the Washington Pacific coast.

So, Steve A's email included the Facebook screen cap you see here and the following text...

to Durango:

From Facebook, I recently commented that voter fraud IS a problem, though not necessarily in the way people suspect. I'm sorry, but I cited you and got attacked for same. A screenshot follows. Apologizing in advance!

    -Steve A

PS: Eventually, right will be done in the TRWD. Maybe even the Kelleher censure will be undone....

Well, that is pretty funny. Apparently this guy reacting to what Steve A had to say about Texas voting fraud had no awareness that the State of Texas is in the midst of investigating this. Reading what this guy had to opine it seems obvious he has no clue as to what the vote fraud issue entails in Texas.

I have blogged about the voting fraud multiple times. I think the first time was right after the results became known of the most recent TRWD board election, when it was obvious something was totally screwy with the results.

The more recent bloggings about this subject include the one Steve A cited on Facebook...

Tarrant Regional Water District Board Election Fraud


Is The TRWD-Gate Scandal About To Blow Wide Open?

along with

Evidence Corrupt Tarrant County Political Machine Steals Elections

There you go, several blog posts from a guy no one should believe because he offers no evidence....

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Steve A said...

In truth, however, nobody has been convicted or even put on trial yet. I'm not sure that JP would believe there's fraud even should that happen.

Apparently, he's convinced in his own mind that the voter fraud allegations are some Republican plot against disadvantage people instead of a conspiracy to keep incumbents, of any political stripe, in office. His latest:
"J.P. Partland Allegations of fraud are not fraud.
Allegations of fraud are not fraud.
No. Elections in the US do not get stolen.
You have not offered a shred of evidence that they do."

Apparently he doesn't know the Granger family or Marty Leonard. I guess we both need to SHUT UP!