Friday, December 16, 2016

Happy Birthday To Little Miss Linda

Miss Linda on the left, me on the right
Other than my relatives I am fairly certain the person on the planet I have known longer than anyone else is Miss Linda R from the Great State of Washington.

I do not remember, for sure, when first I made Miss Linda's acquaintance. Likely it was at Sunday School, prior to beginning first grade at Roosevelt Elementary.

Miss Linda and I attended our first 14 years of school together. Eight years of grade school, four years of high school. And the first two years of college.

Today is the annual celebration of the day Miss Linda turned 29.

I believe the photo you see here is the oldest photo documentation of myself and a very young Miss Linda. I am guessing we are attired in our Sunday finery for our weekly bout of Sunday School.

I have no idea what Miss Linda  has planned for today's birthday celebration. When we were in high school Miss Linda's Fondue Parties were epic, with an invitation a highly coveted thing to receive.

Currently Miss Linda is residing in the town I resided in prior to moving to Texas. That being Mount Vernon, Washington. Miss Linda's abode is about two blocks from Spencer Jack's abode.

I do not know if Spencer Jack has been invited to this year's Miss Linda Birthday Celebration....

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