Thursday, December 15, 2016

Freezing Around The Circle Trail In Wichita Falls

In this photo you are looking at what 32 degrees looks like, currently, at my location on the planet, heading north on the Circle Trail which meanders around Wichita Falls.

I did not repeat the mistake I made the last time I ventured out for an endorphin inducing bout of aerobic activity, with that mistake being insufficient outerwear.

This morning I dug my long underwear out of its hiding place, along with ski gloves and a ski jacket.

Tomorrow, if the weather predictors are predicting correctly, I will not need long underwear to be comfortable outdoors.

Tomorrow a south wind is supposed to blow, a warm south wind with the potential to heat up the outer world to nearly 80 degrees.

At some point in time, late Friday, or early Saturday, that south wind will cease, replaced by a cold wind from the north, causing the temperature to plummet dozens of degrees, with the latest prediction being 12 degrees, Saturday, at my location.

I wonder if my insulated ski pants are hiding in here somewhere?

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