Friday, December 16, 2016

Cowtown Crude Finds Bud Kennedy Smiling Under A Trump Baseball Cap

Blog comment from Cowtown Crude this morning mentioning Trump and the Dallas/Fort Worth zones #1 Food Expert....

Cowtown Crude has left a new comment on your post "Wichita Falls Born Rex Tillerson Secretary Of State In Trump's Clown Cabinet":

Here's a link to a pic of your favorite Star-Telegram food reporter sporting a Trump ball cap.

The link to a pic linked to a Star-Telegram photo of the Star-Telegram's star reporter, Bud Kennedy sporting a baseball cap.

I could not make out what was written on the cap whilst looking at the original image. But I was fairly certain the cap said nothing like "Make America Great Again", which is what I thought was on all Trump caps.

So, I cropped and enlarged the image so as to make out what was written on the cap which Mr. Kennedy is sporting.

All  I could make out was "TRUMP 2014".

With the baseball cap referencing TRUMP and the year 2014 methinks this photo predates the point in time when our national nightmare began with Trump descending from his tower to inform the masses he was running for president with a platform calling for the Mexicans to pay for a wall he was going to build on America's southern border, among other loony ideas.

I am almost 100% certain the Star-Telegram's star reporter did not vote for Donald Trump and I have idea why he is so gleefully sporting this baseball cap....

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